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Photo scanning special offer! Reproduction-quality wide format scanniing using our Contex 2500 series scanners...

Artwork, Poster and Plan scanning

Wide Document Scanning for BIG stuff

For larger items we provide wide-format high resolution scanning at up to 1200 dpi on our Contex 2500 series scanners for originals up to A1 in size. These scanners offer reproduction quality scans from large documents, posters, illustrations and art up to 850 mm wide.For larger items we can scan and electronically 'stitch' segments together or shoot on our rostrum camera.

Contex 2530 Wide format graphic arts scanner

Due to the flat input surface and roller feed on these scanners, we can scan a wide range of paper and card thicknesses and the quality is first class, suitable for commercial offset printing.

Wide Format scanning prices For any reflection original (drawing, poster, document, artwork or painting) where the item is unmounted and ready to scan. Prices are per scan ex-GST. Two-sided originals count as two scans. Files are TIF or JPG and the colour space is sRGB. Other file formats are available on request.

Note: PLEASE do not bring us glass-framed originals!
We cannot scan through glass - items need to be removed first. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage to frames or glass.
Minimum wide-format scanning order charge $35
. Per scan:
Originals up to A3 $5.00
Originals up to A2 $6.00
Originals up to A1 $8.00
Archive management, spotting,
retouch and other specialist work,
if required, per hour: $100
Double-sided document scanning

Our Kodak PS80 scanners offer single and double-sided document scanning in JPG or TIF format at up to 1200 dpi for documents up to A4. Prices are per scan. Double sided documents = two scans. For volume loose photo scanning, please see our special offer here!

Minimum order charge $35
Double-sided photos and documents: Per scan:
1 to 50 originals $1.50
51 to 250 originals $1.25
Over 250 originals $1.00

Help & assistance

Not sure about something? Visit our Help and Assistance pages. You'll find detailed support on our film scanning and photo scanning services and samples too. Or, just call us on 0800 474748 for help.

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Payment & Delivery

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