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Re-touch & Image Restoration

Image retouching, restoration & repair

At FilmScan we really enjoy image manipulation and repair. We've digitised paintings for a leading New Zealand artist in readiness for his book. We've helped restore and archive faded photos for government departments; we've saved the memorabilia of pioneer aviator Jean Batten from extinction and much more.

Filmscan photo restoration services

Rescue old films and photos!

We get torn and ripped photos, stained wedding portraits, badly faded eighty-year old photo albums - the list is endless. We've rescued and colourised 50-year old prints, removed unwanted people from photos, put sugar on plain donuts, inserted absent loved ones into family groups, changed car colours from red to blue. We enjoy our work!

So, if you've got torn or damaged images of almost any kind, there's a very good chance we can rescue them.

It's difficult to provide standard pricing on custom services, mainly because our costs are based on the time required to complete the job. We currently charge $100 per hour + GST for our custom image retouch and manipulation services.

Meanwhile, please review the samples on this page to see some of our less challenging work. You can click on most of the images to enlarge them.

This 35-year old negative after scanning and colour restoration The faded, scratched and discoloured original Filmscan photo restoration services

Some Samples

A sixty-five year old photo, before and after...
Filmscan photo repair Filmscan photo repair

FilmScan image retouch services

Filmscan repairs damaged photos

How to order

Photo repair and restoration is custom work and we really do need to see what's involved before giving you a price. Some repairs are very simple while other work may need to be done by one of our contract illustrators. Please call us on 0800 474748 to discuss your requirements.