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Additional Services for professionals

Camera lens
We offer these additional services to professionals and enthusiasts requiring optimum quality and enhanced delivery. For fast, same-day service, please call us on 0800 474748 or email us today at
Kodak IT8 calibration Slide

Fully calibrated film scanning

We calibrate our scanners, workstations and printers fortnightly using Spyder Studio, but the story does not end there. For mission-critical scanning work where quality is paramount, we offer additional specific IT8.7/1 target calibration for the following film types:

  • Kodak Kodachrome
  • Kodak Ektachrome
  • Fuji Provia, Sensia & Astia
  • Fuji Velvia
  • Agfa RSX CT Precisa

Filmscan calibrates using Datacolor Spyder StudioFor optimum results on Nikon 4,000 dpi scanning (or any other resolution you specify) for these films we will calibrate end-to-end prior to starting your work. Your scans will also be fully inspected, colour balanced and spotted and will be delivered as 48-bit TIF files or in another file format of your choice.


There is a one-time charge of $35 + GST for film-specific calibration, plus a per-frame charge of $5 + GST for any 35mm or medium format negative or slide. Please call us on 0800 474748 for estimates.

File conversions and formats

Require another file format? It's not a problem - just ask. We routinely produce TIFs, JPGs, PSDs, PDFs, GIFs, PNGs - no extra charge. For digital work we can process most RAW formats too.

High quality image proofing

Loupe and Colour SwatchNeed a high-quality full colour proof of one or more of your images after scanning?

Specify the colour profile and gamut you need and we will work to that. Costs: A4: $10 + GST per sheet, A3: $15 + GST per sheet.

Same-day service with web delivery

handoutFor urgent scanning jobs of up to 20 scans delivered to us before 10.30am on a working day, we will have your images available for download via our web site or via DropBox before close of business on that day at no additional charge.

Rostrum & product photography

We don't profess to be full-time professional photographers, but almost all the images you see on this site are ours and we have the equipment to produce quality rostrum and product work direct to digital at 16 or 24 Mps, so call us if you have that need.

Architectural photography

A plug for our friends in Auckland. If you need quality architectural photography at a competitive price, then talk to Kim Neville in Auckland's Birkenhead. We think her work is great. Visit Kim's web site at

Jewellery photography

Who better to shoot jewellery than a jeweller with 25 years in the trade. He designs it in CAD, he makes it; now he shoots it too. Visit Shayne's web site at

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